Graduate Education

St. Paul Christian University

Degrees from Covenant Divinity Seminary (SPCU’s Graduate School)


CAPE—College of Accelerated Professional Enrichment

Specialization: Interdisciplinary Synthesis

DLSDoctor of Liberal Studies

MLSMaster of Liberal Studies


CAPS—College of Accelerated Pastoral Studies

Specializations: Biblical Counseling, Contemporary Parish Leadership, Scriptural Applications

DMin—Doctor of Ministry

PhD PSDoctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Studies

MMinMaster of Ministry

MPS—Master of Science in Pastoral Studies


CARE—College of Accelerated Religious Education

Specializations: Christian Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership

DREDoctor of Religious Education

PhD REDoctor of Philosophy in Religious Education

EdS REEducational Specialist in Religious Education

MREdMaster of Religious Education

MS REMaster of Science in Religious Education


CALL—College of Accelerated Lay Leadership

Specializations: Affinity & Ecumenical Ministry, Interdependent Ministry, Transformational Discipleship

DLLDoctor of Lay Leadership

PhD LLDoctor of Philosophy in Lay Leadership

MLLMaster of Lay Leadership

MLSMaster of Science in Lay Leadership


CAST—College of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation

Specializations: Ecumenism, Practical Theology, Spiritual Gifts Manifestation

DST—Doctor of Spiritual Transformation

PhD STDoctor of Philosophy in Spiritual Transformation


COPE—College Of Postgraduate Education (professional development)

Specialization: (Individually Directed Study)

ThD—Doctor of Theology


General Requirements for Admittance

Master Degree—Earned Bachelor Degree
Doctoral Degree—Earned Master Degree (except Doctor of Theology Degree)
Doctor of Theology Degree—Earned Doctoral Degree