School of Christian Ministry

St. Paul Christian University

School of Christian Ministry

(Certification Programs, Non-Degree/Non-Certification Programs & Services, and SPCU’s Undergraduate School)


Certification Programs

Successful completion of courses earns certification. Courses transfer to application Associate and Bachelor degree programs at no additional cost.


CBC—Certified Biblical Counselor

CAPS 101      Spiritual Approach
CAPS 201      Legal, Ethical, Professional Issues
CAPS 301       Forgiveness & Conflict Management
CAPS 401      Trauma & Grief


CBM—Certified Bi-Vocational Minister

CAPS 111      Ecumenism
CAPS 211      Revealing Congregations
CAPS 311      Practicing Faith
CAPS 411      Today’s Polities


CCC—Certified Christian Chaplain

GENE 101            Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility
GENE 201            Learning in an Information Age
GENE 301            Foundations of Interpersonal Communication
GENE 401            Critical and Creative Thinking
Competency Interview in these practice areas:
  • Pastoral Crisis Counseling
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Spirituality
  • Traumatic Stress Intervention and Crisis Counseling
  • Disaster Relief for the 1st Responder Chaplain
  • Law Enforcement Chaplain
  • The Hospice Chaplain
  • The Continuing Care Chaplain
  • Death Notifications
  • Faith Based Drug and Alcohol Counseling


CCD—Certified Church Developer

CAPS 511      Today’s Evangelism
CAPS 512      Leading Congregations
CAPS 611      Developing Excellence
CAPS 612      On Target


CCN—Certified Church Networker

CAST 111      Social Networking in Making Disciples
CAST 211      Articulating Faith
CAST 311      Marketing Communications Planning/Crisis Communications Planning
CAST 411      Consistently Correct


COM—Certified Ordained Minister

SCRI 101      Old Testament Revelations
SCRI 201      New Testament Transformations
SCRI 301      Apocryphal Declarations
SCRI 401      Non-Canonical Amplifications
Polity Interview (for the faith community in which ordination is sought)
  • CP 411 Ordination—Lutheran Orthodox Church (The Catholic Church—Lutheran Rite) Archdiocese of Mid America
  • CP 412 Ordination —Methodist Episcopal Church USA General Conference and Mid-America Conference
  • CP 413 Ordination—Evangelical Reformed Church of America Ecclesiastic Prelature
  • CP 414 Ordination—World Missionary Church Alliance Collaboration International Headquarters

CLL—Certified Lay Leader

CALL 101      Living As One
CALL 201      Knowing the Territory
CALL 301      Community Resource Audit
CALL 401      Connecting with Contemporary Newcomers


CLM—Certified Lay Minister

CALL 111      Ministry Covenant
CALL 211      Ministry Praxis
CALL 311      Ministry Organization
CALL 412      Ministry Connexion

CRE—Certified Religious Educator

CARE 121      Single Outcome, Multiple Intelligences
CARE 221      Responsibility to Reform
CAPS 321      Promoting Great Teaching
CARE 421      Articulating Your Institution


CTC—Certified Transformational Coach

CALL 121      Being Like Jesus
CALL 221      Transforming Like Jesus
CAPS 321      Bearing Fruit
CALL 421      Use Words If Necessary







CASE—College of Accelerated Studies Experience

BGSBachelor of General Studies

AGSAssociate of General Studies


CAPE—College of Accelerated Professional Enrichment

Specialization: Interdisciplinary Synthesis

BLSBachelor of Liberal Studies

ALSAssociate of Liberal Studies


CAPS—College of Accelerated Pastoral Studies

Specializations: Biblical Counseling, Contemporary Parish Leadership, Scriptural Applications

BMin—Bachelor of Ministry

BS PSBachelor of Science in Pastoral Studies

AMin—Associate of Ministry

AAS MinAssociate of Applied Science in Ministry


CARE—College of Accelerated Religious Education

Specializations: Christian Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership

BREBachelor of Religious Education

BS REBachelor of Science in Religious Education

AREAssociate of Religious Education

AAS REAssociate of Applied Science in Religious Education


CALL—College of Accelerated Lay Leadership

Specializations: Affinity & Ecumenical Ministry, Interdependent Ministry, Transformational Discipleship

BLLBachelor of Lay Leadership

BS LLBachelor of Science in Lay Leadership

ALL—Associate of Lay Leadership

AAS LLAssociate of Applied Science in Lay Leadership

CAST—College of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation

Specializations: Ecumenism, Practical Theology, Spiritual Gifts Manifestation

BSTBachelor of Spiritual Transformation

BS STBachelor of Science in Spiritual Transformation

AST—Associate of Spiritual Transformation

AAS ST—Associate of Applied Science in Spiritual Transformation